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His Perfect Love by Sharon K. Connell

Posted by [email protected] on August 17, 2018 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

About the Book

No one crosses Jerry Windham and gets away with it. Not even a woman as shrewd as Patricia Campbell. After uncovering this man’s dreadful secrets about women reported missing, she ran. Even two years later, she can't get rid of the thought that he'll never stop looking for her. He’d do anything to see her dead, or worse. Unaware of the FBI’s search for her to learn what information she might hold, she continues to hide. A new look, a new city and job, fearful thoughts suppressed, Patricia moves on. Three new men enter this beautiful woman’s life. A persistent computer technician, a charming philanthropist, and a handsome, wealthy businessman who wants to marry her. But her fears resurface, and she wonders if she can trust any of them. Having rejected God in her college days, Patricia believes He would not listen to her now. All she wants is to change and have a normal life. Will she put her trust in God? Can she survive long enough to find peace…and perfect love?

My Review

His Perfect Love is a story with lots of suspense, adventure, and romance. I must say that in the beginning, I didn't like Patricia very much due to her loose lifestyle and lack of Christian ethics. However, there is hope for everyone and towards the end, her character changed.


There were a few surprises and twists which made the book not only interesting but suspenseful. I found myself trying to figure out what would happen next and it definitely kept me turning the pages. The Christian aspect was weaved into the storyline nicely and I enjoyed following Patricia's growth in coming to the Lord.

The ending wrapped everything up nicely.


The Hope Jar by Wanda Brunstetter

Posted by [email protected] on August 14, 2018 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (0)

My Review

The Hope Jar is a story about a young woman, Michelle, who grew up in an abusive home, had an abusive boyfriend, and couldn't seem to have a chance at a decent life. When she is mistaken for the Lapp's granddaughter they never knew, the need to be loved and have a family that she felt she always deserved, leads her down a path of lies, deceit, and betrayal.

The story is well-written and Michelle's character was believable, even though what she lowers herself to do, seems heartless. The descriptions of Amish farm life paints a loving picture of grandparents who do anything to get back the years they have lost with their granddaughter. Englisher and Amish worlds mix, creating doubt and confusion for those around Michelle.

There are plenty of surprises and twists, and I felt sympathy for all her characters. They were each hurting in their own way. I was a little disappointed in the ending but figured there is more to come.


Review of Alana Candler:Marked for Murder by Joanie Bruce

Posted by [email protected] on August 10, 2018 at 5:40 PM Comments comments (0)

I really liked this book from the very beginning. It started with suspense that had me hooked from the first few pages. The main character, Alana, was literally running for her life but didn't know who wanted her dead.

The storyline was very well executed and left me trying to figure out who was after her and why, until almost the very end. I enjoyed the ongoing physical attraction between Alana & Jaydn. Their relationship was strained due to attempts on her life. I loved Jaydn's sense of romance and the ways that he showed Alana that he cared about her. The Christian element in the storyline was handed in a non-preachy way that enhanced the story well.


Marked for Murder is a tension driven, suspenseful, roller-coaster ride. I couldn't put it down. The characters were well-developed and I enjoyed their journey and felt that I was there with them. Can't wait to read the next one.

Christian Author's August Giveaway!

Posted by [email protected] on August 1, 2018 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (1)


You could win!

August 1 - 8

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Finding Christmas Joy by Amanda Tero Blog Tour & Giveaway

Posted by [email protected] on July 30, 2018 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (1)

It's Christmas in July! Or, for some of us, it is. If you live in the south like author Amanda Tero, you're more than ready to think of cold weather. And what better way to do it than to grab some sugar cookies and hot chocolate (trust me, after you read the story, you'll be craving them!) and settle down for a winter read?

About the Book

Melonie Brown just wants to get away from all of the pain and heartache that this year has brought upon her, and Starlight Lodge seems like the perfect place to do so. With no plans beyond a Christmas escape, she drives out to the lodge. Can she bottle up the peace and joy that she finds in this special place to help her face the challenges she may have in the upcoming year?

Available on Amazon (paperback and Kindle) 

My Review

Finding Christmas Joy is a short novella about finding the one thing in life that fills the void and helps bring joy and peace to your heart.  A very well-written story filled with hope, peace, love and friendships.  Melonie Brown was trying to run away from heartbreak but little did she know that God already had a plan to heal her heart.  

I loved the characters in the story and found them to be easy to become close to.  I found myself engrossed in the story wondering what would happen next.  Can't wait to read the author's next book.  5 Stars and highly recommended.

Add to your Goodreads shelf:

Author’s Note

July heat causes many of us to yearn for the chill of Christmas—at least, if you’re like me and prefer coolness over heat (and if you live in the South, where humidity and heat combat for the highest number). Sure, Christmas may be far from our minds, but it will be here before we know it!

And when Christmas season comes around, there is just that “feeling in the air.” Christmas music plays in all of the stores, Christmas movies take center stage, and everything is decked in red and green. So often though, what does not take center stage is Jesus Christ—the One for Whom we even celebrate Christmas.

It was Christmas 2017 and I had watched a few Christmas movies. They all just missed the mark. It was the “joy of the season” and the “magic of the holiday” that provided the solution to their problems. As I was thinking about it, the idea for “Finding Christmas Joy” popped into my head. I wrote the entire rough draft in one sitting, not 100% sure where all God was going to lead this idea. Melonie’s struggle was influenced by some events from people in my life. It is definitely something different than I’ve ever written before, involving a girl who is in a relationship (or was).

Though not everyone is going through a break-up during the Christmas season, and though the solution to your struggle may not be salvation (if you’re already saved), I pray that the reminder that the true foundation of joy in Jesus is as much a blessing to you as it was to me.


Amanda Tero is giving away a copy of “Finding Christmas Joy” with one of her piano CD’s! You’ll be able to enjoy the music of the season as well as a story that brings you the happiness of the season. (Note: there are two giveaways: one for physical copies for residents of USA, and another for international residents)

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New Cover Reveal & Giveaway by Rachael Anderson

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Coming in November!

A New Book by A Favorite Author!!

My Brother's Bride by Rachael Anderson

Abigail Nash leads a lonely existence. Her mother died giving birth to her, her father's business dealings took him away more often than not, and her ailing great-aunt, unable to provide much in the way of companionship, was a lack-luster guardian at best. So when her dear friends offered to launch her into London society, it appeared Abby's life was taking a turn for the better, with suitors and social engagements aplenty. When she marries a proclaimed darling of the ton, it seems she will at last settle into the life of her dreams. But appearances aren't always what they seem, and dreams often become disappointments. Just months into her marriage, Abby finds herself widowed, penniless, increasing, and determined to never hope again. But when her late husband's brother, the Earl of Brigston, attempts to thaw the numbness surrounding her heart, Abby must decide if she has it in her to risk another chance at happiness, knowing the odds are not in her favor.


Author Rachael Anderson A USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can’t sing, doesn’t dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.  

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Review of Escaping Reality by Rachel Skatvold

Posted by [email protected] on July 26, 2018 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Escaping Reality is a well-written love story set on a Montana ranch. Addison Lewis comes from a rich, movie mogul family hounded by paparazzi everywhere they go. She decides to leave L.A. on a road trip and finds herself stranded and is rescued by Logan Hart. Can broken-hearted Addison find happiness on a ranch in the middle of Montana?


The writer weaves a wonderful story with lots of unexpected surprises and twists. The story brought a smile to my face with some of the playful banter between the characters and other times parts of the story brought tears to my eyes. I could definitely relate to the characters and felt their joy and pain. The descriptions of the Heart Ranch and daily activities made me feel as though I was there.


I loved seeing the growth in all the characters as they overcame their struggles to let go of the past and the courage to embrace their future. Escaping Reality was a great read and I can't wait for the next one in the series.

Purchase on Amazon

Sweet Clean Romance Promotion July 11-25th

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Enjoy free clean romance books from July 11-July 25. Individual authors are responsible for meeting the submission guidelines for clean romance.

Paul Apostle of Christ Giveaway

Posted by [email protected] on July 12, 2018 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)



Paul (Faulkner), who goes from the most infamous persecutor of Christians to Christ’s most influential apostle, is spending his last days in a dark and bleak prison cell awaiting execution by Emperor Nero. Luke(Caviezel), his friend and physician, risks his life when he ventures into Rome to visit him. Paul is under the watchful eye of Mauritius (Martinez), the prison's prefect, who seeks to understand how this broken old man can pose such a threat. But before Paul's death sentence can be enacted, Luke resolves to write another book, one that details the beginnings of "The Way" and the birth of what will come to be known as the church. Their faith challenged an empire. But their words changed the world.



PRODUCED BY:T.J. Berden and David Zelon


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:Eric Groth, Rick Jackson, Harrison Powell and Jim Caviezel


STARRING:Jim Caviezel, James Faulkner, Olivier Martinez, Joanne Whalley and John Lynch

Enter the Giveaway


My Review

The movie covers a time when Nero has Paul imprisioned awaiting death.  He is struggling with day to day conditions and knowing he persecuted Christians before his conversion.  Luke through his connections as a physician is allowed to see Paul and bring news back to the group of Christians hiding out within the city of Rome.

The movie portrays well the dire times of persecution of the Christians by Nero and Paul's dedication to Christ.  I felt that the actor that played Paul and Luke did a really good job on getting the message across.  The movie was an emotional one for me and I felt myself saddened by the plight of the Christians. 

I rejoiced when Luke was allowed by Mauriteus to treat his daughter who was on her death bed.  The struggle that Mauriteus had with whether to turn away from his God's and turn to Luke was a powerful scene.  Luke's choice to help the person in charge of keeping Paul imprisioned to me took a lot of courage and strength.  It was against his human character but in line with Christ's.  His character had grown so much compared to before he was converted.  It reminded me that God does use the broken and molds their character into a new person.

The picture quality of the film was good, acting was excellent, and the settings depicting the city at that time was convincing. 



The Heart of the Story    http://youtu.be/-EbrjbUUWCI

Movie Trailer  http://youtu.be/7DFGmw5oe0E

The Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham Blog Tour

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Blog Tour July 9th to 13th


The Hope of Azure Springs by Rachel Fordham

Seven years ago, orphaned and alone, Em finally arrived at a new home in Iowa after riding the orphan train. But secrets from her past haunt her, and her new life in the Western wilderness is a rough one. When her guardian is shot and killed, Em, now nineteen, finally has the chance to search for her long-lost sister, but she won't be able to do it alone.  

For Azure Springs Sheriff Caleb Reynolds, securing justice for the waifish and injured Em is just part of his job. He's determined to solve every case put before him in order to impress his parents and make a name for himself. Caleb expects to succeed. What he doesn't expect is the hold this strange young woman will have on his heart.

Debut author Rachel Fordham invites historical romance readers to the charming town of Azure Springs, Iowa, where the people care deeply for one another and, sometimes, even fall in love.

Amazon * Barnes & Noble * Barker Publishing

  Praise for The Hope of Azure Springs

“With unusual charm and warmth, Rachel Fordham opens the door to Azure Springs, a place as memorable as the people who inhabit it—namely the unique Em, a hero of a sheriff, and an assortment of heart-tugging, endearing townsfolk. A memorable story of faith, family, and happy endings!” ~Laura Frantz, author of The Lacemaker

“The Hope of Azure Springs is full of love and laughter, hope and happy endings. This delightful book about the resilience of the human spirit and the power of love will keep you turning pages until the very end. After you read Rachel Fordham’s satisfying story, you’ll want to give the world a hug.” ~Jennifer Beckstrand, author of A Courtship on Huckleberry Hill.

“A tender story about loss, life, and the beauty that lies within each of us.” ~Stacy Henrie, USA Today bestselling author and RITA award finalist.

“Authentic. Strong. Memorable. The Hope of Azure Springs and its refreshingly realistic heroine will remain in readers’ hearts long after they’ve reached the stirring conclusion. With eloquently drawn scenes that will tug at a reader’s heart and a beautifully redemptive love story, Rachel Fordham’s debut offers a tender look at the meaning of beauty and self-worth.” ~Joanna Politano, author of Lady Jayne Disappears.

“As The Hope of Azure Springs unfolds, readers will find a well thought out and intricately put together love story about an uncommon heroine. Fans of Melissa Jagears and Jane Kirkpatrick will enjoy Rachel Fordham’s books now and for years to come.” ~Dawn Crandall, author of the award-winning series, The Everstone Chronicles..

My Review

The Hope of Azure Springs is a well-written tale. I found myself immersed in the story from the beginning and frankly, couldn't put it down.  The main character, Em, lived most of her life in turmoil and want. An orphan, who lost her younger sister while waiting to be placed in a home after their ride on an orphan train, finds herself injured and left to die.

Caleb, the sheriff of Azure Springs finds her and nothing will ever be the same again.  I laughed at the playful banter between Em & Caleb and cried during the tender moments.  The story is one of healing, trust, learning a new self-worth, and a hopeful future.  The story also has a wonderful relationship that I loved to watch unfold and grow into somehting wonderful.  

A lesson to be learned-beautiful isn't the label society sets for us, it's so much more! I received a copy from the publisher and voluntarily choose to review it. 


Author Rachel Fordham

Rachel Fordham has long been fascinated by all things historical or in the words of her children “old stuff”. Often the historical trivia she discovers is woven into her children's bedtime tales. Despite her love for good stories she didn’t attempt writing a novel until her husband challenged her to do so (and now she’s so glad he did). Since that time she’s often been found typing or researching while her youngest child naps or frantically writing plot twists while she waits in the school pick-up line. In addition to her passion for storytelling, she enjoys reading, being outdoors and seeing new places. Rachel lives with her husband and children on an island in Washington state.   


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