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About Me

Hi, I'm Julie (Pen Name: J.E.Grace). I'm a follower of Christ and happily married to my husband, Joe, for 28 years.

I live in the State of Missouri within the Ozarks. I love to write Christian fiction, am an avid reader, love to paint in pastels, enjoy landscape photography/digital art and like to travel the U.S. 

Being an author myself, I know how important reviews are. This blog is my way of giving back to Indie authors.  I try to honor most book review requests as long as they meet the criteria of a clean, wholesome read.  

Along the way, I might run across what I would term a true moving literary gem, and love passing them along to readers of my blog.  All opinions given in my reviews are entirely my own.

I may receive ARC copies from fellow author's and will read and review them as time permits. 

I am a member of the Celebrate Lit Blog Team and Frontgate Christian Blogger Network.